With the dissipation of the epidemic, all industries have shown a vigorous vitality, Huajing mica Co.,Ltd should move in time, by the wind of 2023 New Year, the first cosmetics grade mica products, in order to meet the further needs of more customers.

Mica has special effects in resisting ultraviolet and infrared rays, delaying water evaporation and improving skin moisturizing. At the same time, the addition of mica will make the powder quality more light and delicate, and healthy and harmless.
Ultraviolet and infrared resistance: Mica has good chemical stability, and its fine particles, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, so it is an excellent cosmetic anti-ultraviolet agent.
Delay water evaporation and improve skin moisture: Since water cannot penetrate mica chips, it has a good moisturizing effect when added to cosmetics, which can inhibit skin moisture evaporation.
The texture of cosmetics is lighter and more delicate: After adding mica, the whiteness, covering power, gloss, smoothness, dispersion and adhesion of cosmetics have been greatly improved. It can be evenly mixed with water and glycerin, and the texture is fine and elastic.

Cosmetics are more healthy and harmless: Mica is a natural mineral product with extremely high chemical stability and belongs to the completely inert substance, so it is safe, non-toxic and harmless, suitable for the requirements of cosmetics.
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Post time: Mar-15-2023