• Nature mica powder

    Nature mica powder

    Huajing building material grade mica powder is a series of basic mica products processed by mica flakes from Lingshou ,Hebei province. The particle size of the products cover the range of 5mm to 10um.The purification process has been developed continuously for more than 40 years . At present , it mainly used into internal decoration board , external hanging board, composite sewer pipe, environmental friendly building materials ,plastic steel windows and doors ,artificial marble and so on. In coating filed, it stably used in construction industry, such as exterior wall paint, road marking paint, plasters, heavy anti corrosive paint.
  • calcined mica powder

    calcined mica powder

    Our calcined mica series products adopt the high-temperature dehydration process to make the mica loss water, keeping the inner property.The production process is good for environment and no secondary pollution.The mica is heated evenly and has stable quality. It is the best choice for special welding material, general building materials and electrical insulators.