Mica is the general name of layered silicate minerals, with the characteristics of insulation, transparency, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, easy separation and stripping and full of elasticity. It is widely used in cosmetics, plastics, rubber, coatings, corrosion prevention, decoration, welding , casting, building materials  and other fields, playing an important role in the economy and  defense construction.

I. Research and development of synthetic mica

According to the "synthetic mica", at 1887, Russian scientists used fluoride to synthesize the first piece of fluoropoly mica from the melt;By 1897, Russia  studied the formation conditions  mineralizer action.In 1919, Germany Siemens - Halske company obtained the first patent of synthetic mica;United States occupied all research results about synthetic mica after the second world war .Since the high temperature resistance ,it is an important material of defence and technology,United state continued to research in this field .

In Initial stage pg China, the natural mica could satisfy the national economy and development.   However, with the rapid development of energy, aerospace industry, the natural mica could no longer meet the requirements. Some Chinese institutions began to study synthetic mica.

Scientific research institutions together with schools, governments and enterprises make the research and production of synthetic mica entered a mature stage till now.

II. Advantages of synthetic mica compared with natural mica

(1) Stable quality due to the same formula and proportion of raw materials

(2) High purity&insulation;none radiation source

(3) Less heavy metal,meet the European and United state standard.

(4) High luster and whiteness(>92), material of silver pearl pigment.

(5) Material of pearly and crystal pigment

III. Comprehensive Utilization of synthetic mica

In mica industry, it is necessary to make full use of  mica scrap beside large mica sheet Here is the comprehensive utilization of synthetic mica as followings:

(1)synthesize mica powder

Features:Good sliding,strong coverage and adhesion.

Application :coating, ceramic, anti-corrosion and chemical industry.

Huajing synthetic mica owns complete construction ,transparency and big aspect ratio ,which is best material of pearl pigment .

(2) Synthetic mica ceramics

Synthetic mica ceramics is a kind of composite, which has the advantages of mica, ceramics and plastics. It owns dimensional stability, good insulation,and heat resistance.

(3) Casting products

It is a new type of inorganic insulation material with high temperature resistance,and anti-corrosion .

Advantage: high insulation, mechanical strength, radiation resistance, oxidation resistance and so on .

(4) Synthetic mica electric heating plate

This is a new functional material, which is made by coating a layer of semiconductor film on a synthetic mica plate. As a material for household appliances, it is smokeless and tasteless under high temperature ,so it is being widely used and developed rapidly nowadays.

(5) Synthetic mica pearl pigment

Since synthetic mica is a artificial materials, the raw material could have a good control . Therefore,the heavy metal and other harmful elements could be prevent from the beginning .The synthetic mica owns high purity, whiteness,luster ,safety, non-toxic, environmental protection,and high temperature resistant .It is widely used in coating, plastic, leather, cosmetics, textile, ceramic,building and decorative industry.With the increasing development of synthetic mica technology, it has a great effect in daily life, the related industries will promote rapidly.

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