The “Kosher certification” is called the “kosher food certification”. Means kosher, clean, edible, and generally refers to products related to the Jewish diet. Kosher The meaning is clean, edible, or clean food, while in Hebrew it literally means “suitable” or “acceptable”.

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As we all know, the Jewish nation is a representative of wisdom. Einstein, Freud, Marx and other shining talents all came from the Jewish people. The wisdom preserved in the sacred Jewish Canon is condensed into Kosher certification, which is regarded as the highest standard in the international food industry today.

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 People choose Kosher-certified food because they realize that Kosher-certified food is pure and healthy.Kosher Products do not contain emulsifiers, release agents and preservatives and other animal additives, in the “mad cow disease”, “bird flu” rampant today, kosher certified products are more recognized by the majority of consumers. Because its approval process is very strict, the Kosher clean food certification has become one of the most difficult to pass the certification in the food industry today, whether a production enterprise has the Kosher certification certificate, has also become an important standard for foreign procurement.

 However, after years of development, in today’s increasing emphasis on health, the significance of Kosher has gone far beyond its original religious category.

 This certification involves food, food additives, ingredients, food packaging, drugs, fine chemicals, machinery production enterprises and other fields. Jewish certificates can only be obtained when the raw materials and equipment are identified by a Jewish pastor.

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In Judaism, food culture is concentrated in its dietary Decree. According to this decree, they have “five do not eat”, “one compliance” and “one ban” food rules.

“Five meals” is the blood of animals; the muscles of cattle and sheep, pigs, rabbits, horses, camels, turtles, snakes, shrimp, shellfish, winged insects and reptiles, jumping mice and beasts; meat and milk in a meal.”One compliance” is: cooking must comply with the “Terry method”, that is, can not determine whether clean ingredients do not do, cook the food is not correct; conform to the standard food should be kosher certification mark.”One ban” is the Sabbath (Friday sunset to Saturday sunset) to remove all chores and distractions to “cultivate character”; Sabbath food should be prepared a day in advance.

As an important powder raw material for cosmetics, mica meets the certification requirements of kosher food both in terms of its source and processing process. It is pure natural and not contaminated by non-clean products, and is a natural and clean cosmetic raw material.

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Jusher policy statement

 Our company is committed to the production of kosher products (mica, synthetic fluorine gold mica), and ensure the production Related links to maintain cleanliness, continuity and stability, to ensure the consistent raw materials and additives used in the production process.

Post time: Sep-19-2023